Cairo Children's Museum

Children's Civilisation and Creativity Museum

This museum in Cairo is dedicated to the younger visitor and seeks to explore the heritage of Egypt whilst looking to the future through science and technology. The museum is very hands-on, encouraging learning and enthusiasm for a wide variety of subjects. Paragon Creative undertook the design development and building of major setworks, interactives, model making, graphic design and theming packages for the first floor gallery and basement levels.

The installation of our workscope was at times extremely challenging and took place during the recent revolution which saw the removal of President Mubarak from power and our installation teams of joiners, prop makers, interactive engineers, concrete rockwork sprayers and sculptors trapped in their hotel surrounded by helicopters and tanks!

Like our team, the museum did survive the conflict and the result is an attractive and excting world where children are encouraged to observe, get acquainted with and discover something new by finding for themselves the answers to questions.

The British Museum has taken part in and supervised the establishment of this Children’s Museum. It is not merely a building displaying objects, but rather a pioneer experience in Egypt where building, park and child interact. A child’s freedom to discover, think, innovate and observe is of paramount importance.

The redesigned and rebuilt Children’s Museum in Cairo will host 100,000 disadvantaged children each year. It will provide learning support and hands-on teaching for children aged from eight to fourteen years old.

Our client: the Egyptian Construction Company
Designed by: Kraemer Design & Production Inc and Paragon Creative. 

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STAFF FOCUS: Tim DeCoste, Interactives Workshop Manager

Q: Name?
A: Tim DeCoste but they call me moose now there’s four Tims.

Q: What and where did you study?
A: Seaquam secondary school in my motherland of Canada. University didn’t seem challenging enough so I went to major in waterparks abroad.

Q: How long have you worked at Paragon Creative?
A: 3 years this month.

Q: What development / training have you undertaken since joining the team?
A: IOSH managing safely and the ever-important manual handling and fire warden training. And of course the sage mentoring of Jon Myers (Operations Director) and Chris Nuttall (Technical Director).

Q: Favourite Project to work on and why?
A: Dig It Dubai Springs. It was an achievable project that has resulted in a great success which is always a boost knowing the work our department put in to it, I’m sure others did OK as well. I also got to be involved in the installation, something I don’t often get to be a part of, luckily I still have my old work boots so I almost blended in seamlessly if not for my eloquent speaking and perfect hair.

Q: What do you like about working at Paragon?
A: Everyday poses a new challenge. It’s also close to home so that’s nice.

Q: Dream project to work on?
A: If we could do something ice hockey or maple syrup based I’d be very much in my comfort zone.

Q: What does your department do?
A: Builds big toys!
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2 days ago

Go moose eh 🤙

2 days ago   ·  1

No dad !!! Don’t make me wear it !!

2 days ago

Moose? You'll always be Diego to me

16 hours ago

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